Homeowners General Council

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The homeowners of the complex apartments constitute collectively the Homeowners General Council. The Council is the supreme authority over the administration of our condominium, governed by the Horizontal Property Statutes. The Council’s resolutions and agreements must be complied with by each and every homeowner, occupant or resident, and any other persons that may be on condominium premises.

Every year, the Council elects, by majority vote, the members of the Board of Directors and the General Administrator. It also has the authority to remove the General Administrator, in case of claims against him, by majority agreement in an extraordinary meeting assembled to that effect.

It is also the Council’s responsibility to administer the complex, approve the annual budget, establish and collect monthly maintenance fees, approve and collect funds to carry out extraordinary works and improvements of common areas, approve and amend the By-Laws, and maintain the Homeowners Book with name, particulars and signature of homeowners (including future transfers or rentals).