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This handbook was created to make it easy to find answers to the most common questions you might have as a resident or a visitor of Bahía del Mar Condominium. This information has been compiled from the Bahía del Mar By-Laws and from the minutes of Board of Directors meetings over time.

The complex is governed by the provisions of Puerto Rico Laws No. 104 of 25 June 1958 and No. 103 of 5 April 2003, as amended (Horizontal Property Laws), the Puerto Rico Civil Code and by the By-Laws mentioned above. The acquisition or rental of any of the apartments implies that the person performing that act accepts compliance with these provisions.

This handbook mentions many of the legal rights and responsibilities of the property owners and their visitors, including those renting the properties. However, the handbook is not exhaustive, and it is therefore not intended to replace the rights and responsibilities spelled out in Puerto Rican Law and the condo By-Laws.

Instead, the handbook is offered as a collection of guidelines that will help preserve a degree of excellence in our residents’ lifestyles and ensure that our condo is run in an efficient and effective manner.