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As part of the sound practice of the good neighbor, it is important that, when parking their vehicles, each homeowner or tenant uses only those parking spots assigned to their apartments and/or those designated for visitors. The use of additional parking spots must be done only with the previous authorization of the official occupant of the spot.

  • Remember that each apartment has two (2) specifically assigned parking spaces. Let’s all be considerate to our neighbors, and use only our corresponding parking spaces.
  • There are three (3) additional parking spaces assigned only to visitors. So, when possible, and to benefit other apartment owners, we should try not to use all 3 visitor parking spaces at one time. Let’s all be courteous to our neighbors, and leave them the opportunity of using some of those spaces when such occasions arise.
  • Visitor parking spaces are only for the benefit of apartment owners’ visitors, but not for renters’ visitors. So, if your apartment is currently being used as a rental property, make sure your renter knows that they have the right to use only the 2 parking spaces assigned to your apartment. Any additional vehicles should not occupy additional spaces inside the property.