House rules

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The use and enjoyment of each apartment is subject to the following rules, which must be followed by homeowners, tenants and occupants.

  • You may not make unnecessary noises nor perform acts that would disturb the peace of other co-owners, tenants or occupants.
  • Any homeowners that cause damage to the facilities or common areas will be responsible for its repair or, if the Administration repairs it, for the immediate reimbursement of the incurred cost.
  • The apartments will be used only for residential purposes, and will not be used for purposes contrary to the law, morals and public order.
  • You may not hang clothing or any other article in the balcony or the windows of the complex, so that building esthetics are not affected.
  • You may not hang emblems, signs, announcements, plaques, posters, wood, crystal, metal or any other material panels, radio or TV antennas in the exterior walls of the complex, nor the apartment’s balconies or its rails.
  • You may install only interior grilles on the apartment windows, except those in the balcony.
  • You may install canopies only in the balcony area. The canopy to be used by all of the homeowners will of the design, color and quality that the Board of Directors may have determined, which could only be changed by unanimous approval of all homeowners.
  • You may not install antennas of any type in the balcony, flat roof, exterior or common areas.
  • You may have domesticated animals in your apartment, as long as they do not disturb or interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of other homeowners, tenants or occupants, being the owners responsible for their pets’ behavior.
  • Do not modify or structurally alter your apartment, nor its façade.
  • You may not put furniture, packages, or any other type of object in the common facilities and areas.
  • You may not put announcements or posters in the common areas, except in areas provided for such purpose.
  • You may not hang articles, carpets, clothing or any other object in the windows, balcony or common areas.
  • You may not dispose of or accumulate garbage outside of the areas provided for that purpose.
  • You may not clean carpets or any other article by shaking or beating them from the windows, balcony or interior or exterior hollows.
  • You may not install exterior cables for electric, telephone, TV, air conditioner or any other machine installation.
  • You may not park your motor vehicles in a manner that may obstruct common areas, the entrance or the exit of the parking área.
  • Use of gate beepers and keys is ruled by the Board of Directors. In case of duplicates, the Board may claim responsibility to users.
  • You may not store flammable products, combustibles, explosives, or chemicals, except for those of common domestic and general use.
  • You may not cook in common areas, except in those common areas provided for this purpose. You may not cook or use BBQ in the balconies.
  • You may not let children play in the hall or the stairs.
  • The storm protection curtains that may be used for windows and sliding doors are the accordion type in white. You may not install storm protection curtains that are not approved by the Board of Directors.

See also the By-Laws of the Condominium and the Swimming Pool Rules.