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An emergency is defined as an extreme condition that threatens the building or its residents. Our maintenance company JAD Maintenace Services is available 24/7 in case of building emergencies, and can be reached by telephone at (939) 697-8063 or (787) 430-9449 (cell). If the emergency is life-threatening, such as an apartment fire or a medical emergency, always call 911 first. You can also contact the State Police at (787) 343-2020, the Municipal Police of Rincón at (787) 823-1310, 4668, or the Rincón Fire Department at (787) 823-2330.

Emergencies include water leaks through walls or ceilings, gas odors, elevator breakdown with a passenger inside, smoke or fire. Obviously, there are other situations that might be considered emergencies. Please use good judgment before calling the pertinent authorities.