Swimming Pool

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All residents and guests are welcome to use the swimming pool, but please abide by the following rules to ensure its long life and a pleasant experience for all.

Swimming Pool Rules

a. PLEASE RINSE OFF ALL SAND in the shower before entering the pool. Debris such as sand and other materials can damage the water pumps and clog the filters.

b. Bathers must wear a bathing suit at all times.

c. The swimming pool is for the use of condo owners, residents, their families and guests only.

d. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool or the surrounding area.

e. The hosting owner or resident shall be responsible for any problems or damage caused by his or her guest.

f. Children must be accompanied by an adult, resident or person in charge of the apartment.

g. Only sun protection creams or lotions are allowed; bronzing oils are prohibited.

h. Screaming, excessive noise and loud music are prohibited.

j. Residents and visitors shall be responsible for their own use of the pool. The condominium does not provide supervision or lifeguard services and shall not be held responsible for incidents or accidents.

k. Food, cigarettes and drinks are not permitted inside the pool area.

l. Running, pushing and rough-housing are not permitted in the pool area.

m. Bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, tricycles and other similar toys are not permitted in the pool area.

n. Babies with disposable diapers are not permitted. Please use adequate diapers.

o. Maximum pool capacity is 20–25 persons.