Board of Directors – Meetings

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Meetings of the Board of Directors are held once a month. In these, the Board analyzes operations during the preceding month and discusses and makes policy decisions. The schedule is posted on the online calendar. All homeowners are welcome to attend the open sessions of the meetings. Board meeting minutes are public records and are available to interested shareholders from the Board Secretary.

If you wish that a particular subject be addressed during a Board meeting, you may request that the subject be added to the agenda for an upcoming meeting by sending a written request to the Board Secretary. If the matter can be handled through other venues not requiring a full hearing by the Board of Directors, the Secretary will notify the homeowner of how to resolve the situation. If the matter merits a hearing during a Board meeting, it will be added to the agenda for discussion as soon as possible at a future meeting.

Quorum for the Board of Directors meetings is established by majority of the members. In case that a majority is not established, the meeting will be postponed until such a time in the future when a quorum can be established. Each member of the Board has one vote for each matter presented for discussion, agreement being established by a simple majority of the votes.

If any Board position is vacated, the remaining members can elect a substitute by majority vote, who will occupy the position for the remainder of the term of the substituted member. Any member of the Board can quit his position at any time. The Homeowners General Council has the right to remove any or all of the members of the Board of Directors, with or without just cause, and elect new Board members by majority vote at a meeting.