Notifications/deposits on apartment rentals

Dear Homeowners,

Recently we have noticed an increase of situations where the behavior of tenants in our condominium has resulted in littering and damages to common areas.  These require cleaning and repairs, which have a cost.

For this reason and to promote each Homeowner’s duty to properly inform tenants of theirs responsibilities, the Board of Directors has decided to implement the Policy for rentals contained in the By-Laws of Bahía del Mar (Reglamento de Administración del Condominio Bahía del Mar).

Therefore, apartment rentals must be notified to the Board of Directors at least three (3) days before they begin. The homeowner must provide the name and address of the tenant, and must certify that he has given the tenant a copy of the By-Laws of Bahía del Mar Condominium and any other rules eventually approved. The homeowner must inform the tenant that he will be covered by the provisions of these rules.

The Notice/Certification may be made through email to the Board of Director’s address (bahiadelmarrincon[at], or through regular mail to the following address:

Asociación Titulares Bahía del Mar
45 Benjamín Gómez Apt. 400
Rincón PR,  00677

For your convenience, we have included a copy of the By-Laws document on our website ( and a summary of the Rules in English and Spanish for your knowledge and that of your tenants.

Homeowners renting for a term shorter than six (6) months must put down a deposit of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) to cover damages that may be caused by the tenant. The deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period if no disbursement is necessary to repair damages caused. Every homeowner will be responsible for damages caused by tenants, occupants or visitors to the complex.

The deposit must be submitted to the Board’s Treasurer prior to the rental period.  Homeowners that rent theirs apartments frequently, and who so prefer it, may leave the deposits with the Homeowners Association for a period exceeding the term of the initial rental and avoid in this way the process of receiving reimbursements and providing new deposits individually for each tenant.

The Board has decided to put these Rules into effect as of 15 April 2010.  Noncompliance with these Rules may be subject to fines as established in our By-Laws and the Puerto Rico Condominiums Law, no. 103 of 2003.

We request your adherence to these guidelines so that our condominium can keep its special beauty in the interest of us all, the Homeowners.


Bahía del Mar Homeowners Association

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