Conversion of the Association’s bank account

Dear Homeowners,

As you may know by now, Westernbank, which is the bank where our Homeowners Association established its checking account, was acquired by Banco Popular de PR (BPPR).

Effective this coming Friday 27 August 2010, the accounts of Westernbank will be converted to the BPPR system. For the moment, those homeowners who make direct deposits of their monthly maintenance dues will be able to continue doing so to the account number at Westernbank, which will be tied to the new account number that will be created at BPPR. Even so, as soon as we have the information about the new account number at BPPR, we will inform you in order for you to make the necessary change to your payment instructions with your bank.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Cordially yours,

Board of Directors
Bahía del Mar Homeowners Association

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